About the new website of Unc0ver jailbreak

We are here today with an interesting detail of Pwn20wnd about their new website unc0ver.dev. Thus, from now users of Unc0ver jailbreak can visit their page to collect whatever detail they wish. And downloading the latest version will be easy and reliable with this new arrangement. If you wish to become a user of unc0ver, start your journey from here. Check this out.

unc0ver jailbreak

Uncover jailbreak details from a new website

So this is the key point of this narration. Of course, Pwn20wnd arranged a new website for their dedicated fans as unc0ver.dev. So you can visit it and collect all the details that you are looking for. The best part of having an official place to visit is that you will not go through fake directions. And even each update will clearly post on the page that you can simply download using the specific download button. Moreover, older versions as well will stand respectively for those who are looking for.

Important facts of Unc0ver jailbreak

Those who are searching for the latest version can now search 3.5.6 and sideload using Cydia impactor. The specifically arranged Cydia package will be there to swiftly download on your device and go through tweaks and everything. So then, Sileo as well will be able to download as an app from the Cydia app store.

However, the latest version 3.5.6 of Unc0ver lets you jailbreak all those recommended devices. In their new web page, the compatibility has been clarified as iOS 11 to iOS 12.4. But a few versions between iOS 12.3 to 12.3.2 cannot go through for technical reasons.

The tool has been guaranteed that they expect to utilize Mobile Substrate and stable APT. remounting the RootFS as read-write too confirmed for those A12X devices with iOS 12.1.3 to iOS 12.4.

If you have any further questions, you can visit their all-new website through unc0ver.dev.

unc0ver jailbreak

Wrapping up

If you still could not visit the website just browses unc0ver.dev right away. You will see a long platform with important details that a jailbreaker should realize. Those who need whatever version even the latest or an older one cal go through using respective directions. You are capable to download 3.5.6 as the hottest update. It will let you jailbreak 12.4 and the other compatible versions. But keep in your mind that not the entire 12th array compatible with this update. You can collect each and every detail about its compatibility through the website.