What is and how to use PP Helper?

PP helper is third-party support behind jailbreaking. Those who jailbreak their devices since long know each and every single tool that we passed. Since we cannot download Cydia without a certain jailbreak tool and that even support both device model and the running iOS version, the most important thing is having a perfect utility and that perfectly supports bringing Cydia. Anyhow, the PP helper was there a few years back for a couple of tools. One of them was PP jailbreak for iOS 8 and as a collaboration of Pangu for iOS 9 too as a Safari-based jailbreak.

pp helper

PP helper for Apple iOS

In accordance with reports that described the status of PP helper, it is an application and that specifically designed for iOS and Android. It is a freeware that will support you all to bring games, backups, clean the device, view files, create backups and so on simply. The app store that it offers will help you to find out apps without go far. Since the app is a Chinese supportive application, make sure will you be able to go through. But, steps are not complicated. So you can easily find out to where you should move.

PP jailbreak for iPhone and iPad

Devices that the team confirmed as compatible can use PP jailbreak and download Cydia. It is iOS 8 and related versions that you can use PP application. PP for iOS 8 is Mac-only software. Thus, you can turn for Taig if you are a Windows user. Though directions available only in Chinese, they are not complicated. Follow a complete and clear guide. So you will never go wrong. And make sure that your device is a compatible one before anything else.

Wrapping up

PP helper is not a new term to the jailbreak community because of their support for jailbreak since far. There is nothing to wonder as it too performs as a normal jailbreak tool. Do not go wrong with two separate terms as PP helper and PP jailbreak. Sometimes it may be about the third-party app or the jailbreak tool. Download a certain one depends on your requirement. You can enjoy PP helper even on your Android device. But it is limited for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad if it is the jailbreak tool.

By the way, PP team did not drop any tool for recent iOS versions. But you have some other tools that can find out from the web and that recommended for each iOS version up to iOS 13.5.1.