Is it time to get ready for Cydia iOS 11.4?

If you are a jailbreaker, you must keep on your mind that there are many topics to concern. It is not just about jailbreaking. But also official updates as well. However, in recent times, we blessed to receive many impressive reports for both jailbreak and non-jailbreak fellows. So do not worry if you are in whatever category. When CoolStar promised to launch a utility within few further days, you may confuse will it encounter Cydia iOS 11.4 as well. So this is for those users to get to know everything clearly.

cydia ios 11.4

Cydia iOS 11.4 with Electra jailbreak update

Since some fake reports directed that CoolStar going to arrange a new utility for users waiting for 11.4, you better get to know the truth. With reliable details, we confirmed that 11.3.1 is the edition which going to count its utility as an Electra jailbreak update. So the used key will not be able to apply over any higher version for the security frame has been modified that closed those doorways too. Moreover, you may mislead for Houdini Semi-jailbreak is a public arrangement that you can go through right away. But do not confuse for it is not the truth. It was just a demonstration and that even can use now for the jailbreaker does not open it to the audience.

Saurik for Cydia iOS 11.4

Saurik is the developer that everyone knows as the godfather of Cydia download. After making it compatible with iOS 10 a few years back, we couple of seeing such an update for the 11th OS so far. Therefore, getting an update will be interesting and remarkable after along at least when we get nearer the utility of 11.4. But this is just a wish while there is no any single hint of such a true launch. But we barely wish there to be an update rather than go through the third-party support of Electra tool.

cydia ios 11.4

When you prepared

When there will be a true arrangement of 11.4, you will see reliable reports regarding. So do not hurry because of fake directions. Since 11.3.1 will be the nearest, you better downgrade to 11.3.1 if you are with 11.4. But this too will no longer capable for Apple will shortly decide to closet the doorway.

Wrapping up

At the final stage of the eleventh iPhone OS, we better put them on a side of jailbreaking. Though 11.4 is not the final of the array, we have to concern it for it being the latest of the version list. However, on coming September, we will encounter the first set up of iOS 12.0 as usual. In my opinion, we have to end the previous story entirely before enter to the next with respective jailbreak releases. By the way, if you are anxious with above points we collected on your way, you can get ready to capture the approaching Electra update. Though it is for 11.3.1, you better stay there till 11.4 will bang. But it is hard to wish it soon for have not any clue behind.

Are you ready to download Cydia for iOS 11.4

Having a new jailbreak would be great to hear. But it is pity to let you know that Electra and LiberiOS are the two final releases of jailbreakers. When we concern what are the new offers that we will come across, 11.4 is a chapter which will bring wonderful features to the entire OS. But at this moment, it just launched two betas to be offered the huge deal as soon as possible. Since there is no that reliable update, our story about download Cydia for iOS 11.4 would be inspiring. Just check out and make certain that your decisions were correct or have to navigate.

download cydia for ios 11.4

Download Cydia for iOS 11.4 with Electra?

As Electra is the only breakout that let their users settle with a proper Cydia pathway. Though it is not the official update of Jay Freeman and even being with a third-party arrangement, there is no doubt that many of you like to try it than empty LiberiOS. Though it is not a mistake by the utility and Saurik has to fulfill the demand, there is a huge distance between jailbroken and non-jailbreak stations that waiting for their destinations.

By the way, looking for a clue became hard when things go wrong. In that case, let your iPhone enjoy the current status and not to go after 11.4 which has no any certain detail.

Are you ready to download Cydia for iOS 11.4?

In my opinion, 11.4 will remain for a long without unveil anything that easily. It is because of there are 11.2 and a couple of later versions that each should count a breakout. If you were anxious for such a rapid release, do not go after fake directions while we have to move through 11.3.1 too. So do not hurry to upgrade 11.4. Everything perfect will be there that will let you know the exact to make a decision.

Though there will be a breakout, it will not mean that we are capable to perform Cydia throughout. So it is up to Saurik to make compatible Cydia with those jailbroken ones. In fact, Saurik has to cover the entire iOS 11.0 with next reveal.

download cydia for ios 11.4

Do not upgrade

As it is our often reminding, upgrade to a non-jailbreak chapter will complex if you were there with jailbroken status. So do not upgrade to 11.3 either for those above will keep you there without giving you a chance to downgrade to where you want to move.

Final words

So our final words will give you a brief idea about possibilities of 11.4. While I am here, the edition has nothing to specifically point out. Even jailbreaking is not that easy to clarify as things go complicated since far. As Jay Freeman did not update very own Cydia app store after tenth iPhone OS, sadly, there is no any chance to encounter the official collection even through 11.1.2 and below. But all these does not mean to keep 11.4 as a non-jailbreak episode. But they silently clue that it is not the perfect time to wait for such a utility.

Cydia for iOS 11.3 – Upcoming releases

So we are after a couple of days from 11.3 settlement and waiting for the 11.4 announcements. Since it was only the first beta and rumors say that the second as well will shortly drop to the audience, we hope the major release will do not take long. However, for 11.3 brought battery management, ARKit improvements and further, it became a remarkable station to play with. So it is now regarding Cydia for iOS 11.3 capabilities which seemed lagging. It appears hackers going to bring it to an end with a brave offer. Will it launch soon as a jailbreak? And will Saurik publicize Cydia app store that shortly? Here is everything.

cydia for ios 11.3

Cydia for iOS 11.3 with the next jailbreak

It would be great to hear that jailbreakers dedicatedly work hard to develop a breakout to let you get closer Cydia. But at this instant, it was just about a 0day bug which has been researched by a famed developer and an associate of Alibaba Corporation named Min Zheng. So he has been specifically proclaimed that the recent 11.3 got a 0day bug and that seems to capable to evolve an influential breakout.

It is really appreciable having such an update without waste our precious time. But the matter is when they will bring it as a true development? For having a couple of specifics, we cannot come to a certain decision and even advice you not to hurry up for anything before they confirm.

Should you capture Cydia for iOS 11.3?

As a jailbreaker, you might confuse what you should be. So here is our opinion. There is another interesting report saying that hackers being prepared for 11.2.6 as well and desire to release it soon after the company confirms that 11.2.6 can no longer sign in. So it means a lot when there is nothing to resolve 11.2 – 11.2.6 thus far.

In my opinion, do not try to put your beloved handset in a danger. For 11.2.6 will be the first to release a breakout, those who desire the jailbreak soon better to be with it rather than move to 11.3.

cydia for ios 11.3

Final words

However, it seems we have more to remain to encounter a new jailbreak. At least there will be an update saying that Apple decided to bring to an end 11.2.6 sign in capability. So it will be eager for them to hurry up in aim at a breakout for 11.3 too. But it is pointless looking for a utility that soon even before 11.2.6. In order to complete each step one by one, they should resolve those non-jailbreak steps first to arrive at the latest.

By the way, there is one more thing behind the next challenge of the company which dropped its first beta as iOS 11.4 beta 1. Hope the second seed will be there within few more days. And when it comes to a jailbreak for 11.4, the story might be complex or else will capable to get to know an impressive soon.

Download iOS 11 – Tips to follow

Since it is been a couple of days from the major iPhone operating system launch, you better start to function its brave and amazing features in the immediate future. Once you setup download iOS 11 on your beloved iPhone or iPad, there are tons of brand-new features that you will be able to capture. Therefore, in this guide, we are going to offer you a couple of tips how to function a couple of useful offers that come through.

download ios 11

Features tips to follow of download iOS 11

Control Center customization

You can now wipe out four toggles at the end of the Control center and replace a dozen or else a couple of additional options. Screen recording, Magnifier, ATV remote and son are applicable simply.

Open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. So you are able to check out what is obtainable and add them right away. All you have to click the key tagged as Plus.

download ios 11

Screen recording without Mac

It is simply for you can navigate to the Customize Controls panel and then activate Screen recording from there without any complicated. A three-second countdown will swiftly state on your Control Center. Just tap on it to open. It has specifically created to record your microphone too.

Once the status bar will turn into red, it is time to start the recording. This is the hottest official features that you can use without additional coverage. You can stop the recording by tapping on the status bar > Stop from the pop-up message. Photos app will start saving the recording.

Text to Siri

And finally, Siri can also support your texts. This would be great for you can use Siri even when you are in a public place simply with a text. Just switch to the text-only mode of Siri and start working.

To enable the feature, navigate to General > Accessibility and then Siri. You will see the option there. Just turn on it and turn off when you need to connect with your voice.

download ios 11

Automatically offload apps

For the 11th OS known to be an intelligent supporter, this is one of the pieces of evidence that it automatically support you. The iPhone/iPad Storage option which state in Settings > General and allow the function. For this will automatically start work, it will identify when your storage run down to recover it instantly.

QR code scanning

Apple has been specifically created the Camera app to scan QR codes. But it will not open a particular UI. It will read a list of codes and support you to open web pages, HomeKit, contacts and so on.

download ios 11

Documents scanning

The all-new automated scanning feature of the recent OS will let you go through several documents just using the certain feature in Notes. Launch a new note > Plus > Scan Documents.

Live photo editing

Now you can edit a Live photo by trimming its video part. Edit key which will appear on your screen once start a Live photo will do it simply. Skip between snapshots using the preview bar.

download ios 11

Maps app with One-handed zooming

You can now zoom the Maps app just with a finger. Just click twice and swipe down or up on the area you want to zoom.

Single-handed keyboard

You might already know the feature for this has been talking since long. In this feature, you just have to click on the Globe button on the keyboard. And then, on the keyboards which are available to get three icons there. You can click on the right/left to move on the keyboard.

download ios 11

Should you download iOS 11?

The answer is completely depending on you. If there is no any serious issue that you will have to handle once you set up the new firmware, you can go after OTA upgrade or else iTunes. But it is important for those who are waiting for jailbreak iOS 11 not to become a user of any non-jailbreak session until it confirms to be breakable in future. As they have to continually resolve each version in the array, the 11th breakout will not be there that soon. It is for hackers have to pass 10.2.1 and all those ignored ones before this huge deal. Therefore, if you have any doubt, the best thing would ignore the firmware and check when will it solve to enhance your operating system. Besides, users with 32bit have to get to know that their applications will no longer applicable for the 11th OS has removed them completely.

The jailbreak iOS 11 story behind September keynote

Be patience for a couple of hours to capture all that we remain so far. Those who already prepared to gather via live stream convenience better pull things order right away. There are a few significant surroundings that you should count to connect with. However, while we are slowly arriving nearer jailbreak iOS 11, let’s turn the next chapter that will update shortly.

jailbreak ios 11

Watch September keynote

There is no doubt of whichever Apple device to connect with the event having the exact software. Here is the list of compatibilities, so you can well-organized for.

  • iOS 7.0 and higher functioning iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad via Safari
  • MacOS 10.8.5 or higher with Safari 6.0.5
  • Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge
  • ATV models functioning 6.2 or advanced
  • 4th generation ATV 4 including whichever edition of tvOS

However, once you are eligible to connect over, navigate the iDevice or Mac to the page September event of apple through Safari just a couple of minutes ahead of the opening. Those who are with their ATV able to grab the respective app through the tvOS app store. But for older ones have to remain for the particular application icon that will automatically display on the screen without an update with additional software. For that, you must be an older than ATV 3.

Anyhow, Windows users have to capture something different. You have to network with the edge browser at 1.00 pm EST or 10.00 am PDT.

jailbreak ios 11

Jailbreak iOS 11 behind the GM version?

Apple did not exactly update specifics that will disclose during. But for there are rumors notify that the GM version of the eleventh OS will be seed too. In accordance with Golden Master leak that varies reports discussed since a couple of days back, respective iDevice list as well going to count iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 plus on tomorrow along with the GM update.

It is if the update is going to become true as rumored for it closer us to the next breakout sharply. For jailbreakers have to bring about 10.2.1 – 10.3.3 to the victory, the update will not take that long once the 11th OS will come into view.

Ahead to jailbreak iOS 11

jailbreak ios 11

If you truly alarm for upcoming Cydia download launches, you must not surround 10.3.3 or 11 beta or any reason since there is no proper clue for them at the moment. Even Adam Donenfeld too finally opened the exploit for 10.3.2 and earlier since 10.3.3 has been patched the particular vulnerability.

However, since Keenlab demo was the first known evidence that applied over beta 1, the second as well have to note which has been launched to YouTube and that used the second seed even behind few more seeds either. Behind this consideration, several reports propose whether the next will be a KeenLab breakout to achieve their dream to enter public exposes that promised a couple of years back but shattered by Pangu 9. By the way, with fewer than 12 hours gone till the announced event commence today, you better keep your keen eyesight how jailbreakers will react it. From now, stories will turn hotter for there will be further tough barriers over respectable OS update and iDevice launches as well.

The story behind iPhone 8 jailbreak

Apple finally proved rumors that predict iPhone 8 going to unveil on 12th September. The media received their invitations which scheduled the gather placed at, Steve Jobs Theater at 10.00 am Pacific Time. So this will live stream over the official web host. However, for invitations have no more than the venue, it is a doubt what are the considerations that they will discuss then? Since it is clear that 2K17 iDevice models will certainly spread over it is better to start concern iPhone 8 jailbreak. How will the story move behind its release? Here we go.

iphone 8 jailbreak

Features and highlights

For this is going to be the most genetic step of Apple, the iDevice collected massive amazing features for the first time on an iPhone. Some of those seem to be derived from brand-new Samsung Galaxy kits. However, OLED screen, wireless charging, No home key and few others are highlighted even before it’s unveiled.

Wireless charging feature will be there for the first time in an iDevice with keen technological uses.  Though it is hard to apply over usual metal bodies, there will be an additional collect of a glass back panel which is the part that can hold the function. So then, the iDevice technology will no longer require a physical cable connection to charge. The OLED screen is the next which as well an exciting corporation. Multiple records testify that this inspired from Samsung Galaxy devices and that supports in varies such as for a colorful plus brighter user connectivity and battery save. So this is absolute will be there only from the 8th iDevice while 7S and 7S plus just got frequent. And then, the feature face recognition based on 3d sensors as well a remarkable concern. It is pretty cool to hear that as well derived from Galaxy which can identify the user specifically. The full glass frame of the display too stand to let the user capture everything interestingly. It is the major cover which hides the Home switch and the FaceTime camera. As experts say, Apple has to absolutely go deeper to create such a screen wisely to put the cam and the respective key orderly. While these are the highlights, you can encounter many other considerable functions after coming 12th.

iPhone 8 jailbreak proficiency

iphone 8 jailbreak

Of course, we have many considerable specifics regarding its release but very few on its Cydia download. Since 17K iDevices will go through iOS 11 as the first, having an opportunity for the firmware will be decent. For the KeenLab is the only direction yet for iOS 11, hope to receive something reliable after the Golden Master public beta in the near future. As it appears, the seed will drop on or after 12th with respective collectives. However, until Apple will launch the iDevice, it is a quite tough resolve whether it has Cydia possibilities or they have been sealed stiffly? For it is uncertain when will be the GM version will arrive though there are predictions, guess it will drop everything into a particular road to count the upcoming breakout.

Ahead of iPhone 8 jailbreak

Prize ranges of respective device models are unveiled. Those rumors just posted it should be $999, it is clear it has been differing in order to those types. Therefore, the range will depend as follow. 64GB – $999, 256GB – $1099 and 512GB – $1199 as reported.

By the way, just keep your eagle eye on coming event as it will be a junction for many queries.

At the edge of Cydia for iOS 11

Although we did not arrive at any 64bit jailbreak after yalu102 and extra_recipe, rumors testify that jailbreakers effort with a great force for a proper launch for respective chapters. So this narration aimed at those individuals who are marking time in consideration of Cydia for iOS 11. Apple proudly keeps on its beta array up to eight seeds on last Monday. Since all previous ones brought huge amendments and features to the structure, the prior 7th and 8th became minor updates. While reminding jailbrekers to keep their fingers down, the rest of individuals who registered at Apple Developers welcome to move up compatible devices through the particular procedure.

cydia for ios 11

Upcoming jailbreak opportunities for Cydia for iOS 11

Are you relying upon jailbreak for the upcoming OS? Still, there are few more stairs to go as it is just the 8th beta we approached on Monday. Within few more days, the Golden Master seed will arrive notifying the major role is closer. Anyhow, since still, we do not know its launch certainly, it is difficult to predict how the breakout will arise. And even the chain of the previous tenth chapter too only arrived at 10.2; there are a couple of versions that cannot download Cydia at all. For each session has to count orderly, it is hard to believe the 11th will capture its breakout before them.

However, to get any certain clue regarding jailbreak the 11th operating system, we have to stay few more weeks for its opening and even at least a single tool for whichever prior version as soon as possible. For even yalu could not make the previous chain smooth as earlier, hope the future play will return smoother performance once more.

cydia for ios 11

Yalu102 will return for further opportunities

In recent past, Todesco returned to create a new story regarding 10.2.1 just with the frequent yalu102. As he tweets clearly, that its breakability can be proved using yalu102 and a simple mode in addition. It was great having ziVA exploit to the audience and that opened lots of opportunities for those clever jailbreak members to put their finger on creating useful tools. This exploit was the one we remained long from Adam Donenfeld and he launched to the audience during HITBGSEC last week. Thus, Luca considerably notes that it is truly valuable and have a great capacity to generate new utilities. Though Todesco returned after a long for uncertain reasons that kept him wordlessly, knowing this opportunity definitely is great.

However, for Todesco will not work for a publication, there must be anyone else who brave enough to put forward this exploit in a better manner.

Just before Cydia for iOS 11

cydia for ios 11

Pull things together for it is getting closer to the opening of 2K17 iPhone series and the operating system as well. Although reports failed to announce the release days of the firmware thus far, it is clear it will stand after 12th next month for it has to state before 22nd kick off of respective iDevices. Moreover, guess jailbreakers as well will lay the foundation for the breakout of the next generational OS once 10.0 absolutely come to an end. If you are with 10.2.1 to 10.3.2, it would be great once hackers will start the play to break each quietly before long.

Updates of Jailbreak iOS 11 behind beta 6

On last Monday a few hours back Apple finally set off the 6th beta of in progressing the eleventh OS. The update conveyed over 10 features along with security enhancements at this time too. It is just a few more hours to welcome the 5th public beta and that follow the recent developer seed will all identical collectives. However, for we are slowly getting closer to the major deal, will jailbreakers set free jailbreak iOS 11 soon? Here we go through the discussion around the hottest version and deeper for jailbreaking.

jailbreak iOS-11

Can I jailbreak iOS 11 with beta 6?

For it is just the sixth seed of the beta array, we can found not anything related to proper Cydia download direction.  Though we cannot narrate any related story devoid of KeenLab talent during MOSEC, it is pointless to discuss further regarding. It is not because of anything for it is getting older and we need something fresh. However, in consequence, the fact that there is a rumor to bring 10.3.2 to an end, hope a swift update will address it to commence this in every respect.

Anyhow, till everything will bring to an end, we better concern 10.3.2 which rumors announced as the turning point for an impending breakout. Though the used vulnerability has no any proficiency to set free 10.3.3 as well, it will not make you trouble regarding Cydia for the 11th OS. So just be prepared to face whichever to maintain your jailbroken status. If you remain with non-jailbreak status and even could not be there with 10.3.2 timely, you better get decisions carefully to install iOS 11 or ignore. But for sure, you will not be able to receive a utility before September for beta versions never reach Cydia destinations. The reason behind covering vulnerabilities is clear to keep safe them for future custom. Thus keep watching if thins will change for 10.3.3 as well or else will have to hang around a new Cydia approach for the 11th OS.

Should I download the sixth beta?

Apart from experts and those individuals who truly desire hottest features and security measures must not try this out. There are few considerations as jailbreakers for the reason that rumors have no proper evidence yet. It does not matter if you agree with and having an account as a developer. Go ahead to the respective site and request the version.

jailbreak ios 11

What’s new in 6th beta?

  • All those features had in 5th seed now come handier. Security measures that designed and enhanced as well contained as frequently. However, at this time, the version brought a collective of functionalities as below.
  • Control Center keys will become blue for Bluetooth audios
  • Unlock feature with zoom-in mode
  • Display has no auto-brightness feature anymore and glow to display accommodations as well
  • Fish live wallpapers removed
  • All new features come with Photos now have splash screen
  • Messages and App Store icons with all new icons
  • Clock icon will now appear holding bold numbers
  • Reminders icon with bullets changed precisely

Cydia Impactor update for rumored jailbreak iOS 11

jailbreak ios 11

In accordance with hottest records, Saurik updates very own Cydia impactor utility for iOS 11. From now, put in unsigned applications on your iPhone or iPad will absolutely free from any issue. Moreover, this would be great for jailbreakers to confirm it will not become an issue if there will be an IPA package based approach at this time too. From the very beginning, this utility used to arrange Kodi, Instagram++, Snapchat++ and all those from the same category.

However, the update obtainable through the hottest version 0.9.42 via the official host. watchOS sign in issue and the prevailed incompatibility of identifying USB network based on 11th OS perfectly repaired. However, from now, all those applications come along apart from the app store can install even on your non-jailbreak status as well. As indicated above, if there will be a release from hackers as the same IPA approach, this would be a vast opportunity essentially.


Everything you need to know about iOS 11 jailbreak

A tool to draw Cydia for iOS 11 might be come to a destination rapidly, assuming that latest rumors are to be trusted. In accordance with, let’s discuss several things that you should know while sticking around for iOS 11 jailbreak. In order to polish up the next fiction of their considerable operating system, four beta versions up to now brought varies amendments drawing all new announcements to the assembly. However, anyone who loves to hit the road can get hands on those seeds but then again if only enrolled at Dev Center. It seems jailbreakers turned a blind eye to consideration of it is not yet proficient for having Cydia.


Hacker proved iOS 11 jailbreak

It was Mobile Security Conference held in China in last June that one of leading teams of the community takes place to display their recent research results. The demonstration was about 10.3.2 and 11 and that appeared to be broken and loaded Cydia too. Check our foregoing reports if you missed this badly. Anyhow, being the exclusive evidence for the impending OS, still, this remains one of the essential notes for jailbreakers. Further known to be, it was senior developer Liang Chen from KeenLab to lead the event. Although at first glance this gives the impression genuine, it is not vibrant that you will be capable of practicing it. It is common having puzzles which never come to addresses. If this will clue to become a publication, you better not count on rapidly before the coming of the major role of the 11th OS.

When will iOS 11 jailbreak happen?


Even though, fellows are reasonably thrilled by the anticipation of an upcoming breakout, they better note that not any tool could come into view after Yalu 10.2 thus far. Mostly, this is not surprising for the eleventh OS as it gets hold of a long journey and some of 10.0 versions either have not got their termination. Thus, it is evident that even we cannot confirm its release either. However, as long as it takes to set to the public, those who are anxious must preferably step aside from spurious instructions.

For Apple take the offensive in taking down going on jailbreakers attempts since long, we could only glad for yalu102 and that even killed with 10.2.1. Therefore, even KeenLab demo was something considerable in this concern; it is up in the air for it might patch once passing betas to the major.

Be patience for the upcoming announcement

ios 11 jailbreak

It is very important being endurance for a true and reliable announcement from hackers. It can be fascinating for all new tons of functionalities and security measures. But just hark back that you did not pick up the breakout you were keen for. And even for the reason that you cannot get back your current positions, you cannot restore jailbroken status either until a hacker will truly crack iOS 11 or else 10.3.3, 10.3.2 which can downgrade yet.

By the way, with regard varies reports noted that there was a utility to wrap up the previous iOS 10.0 for 10.3.3, pause few more days considering swiftly. So at least we will be able to pull the plug of the prior session though it draws long toward the approaching version.

Best tweaks – Cydia download for iOS 11

Can you jailbreak 10.3.2? It is been long since the day Luca Todesco said goodbye to the community with his final bring down yalu102. Apart from Extra_recipe for iPhone 7, nothing noteworthy could get hands on so far. However, Apple in recent times boastfully twitch the 17K OS nonfiction and move toward third developer seed which also drops to the audience as the second public beta. Experts welcome all to build in the update on respective devices if not you are interested in Cydia download for iOS 11. Those individuals who are passionate for jailbreaking have some more to be patient since it appears it will take long for several certain and uncertain drives.

cydia download for iOS-11

Anyhow, it does not matter how extended it takes as far as you exist treasurable jailbroken status. In this guide, we are going to open you a list of excellent tweaks that you might already hold or else will love to setup. Do not leave over your time waiting for such a breakout at least which has no any certain clue. You may wonder then what’s with KeenLab demonstration? Just keep in your mind it is not a confident tip-off of an upcoming utility. So just be calmly for its true reliable proclamation in future.

Best tweaks while waiting for Cydia download for iOS 11


Is it making you bother seeing lots of notifications on your Lock Screen in every morning? So Unify will arrange everything in order to certain apps.

cydia download for iOS-11

App Center

Simply take your app control to the Control Center using App Center tweak. Arrange them on windows to just do whatever with simple swipes.


With a LastTimeUnlocked app, you can check the last time that you used to unlock your iDevice. It will let you know whether anyone else used the device once you were not there.


MessageFilter is another useful one and that can arrange you two separate contacts lists to let you know whether you are sending messages to the right contact. It will automatically identify specific words to carry the task.

cydia download for iOS-11


Unquestionably, many of you might already know this as one of amazing Cydia tweaks. It will open you a couple of pages of Control Center changing the odd type of a single side.


HideMeX will be handy for those who are interesting for SpringBoard customizations.


This is another Control panel connected utility which supports with a toggle aimed at cellular data adjustments.

Don’t Stop the Party!

Even your iPhone will restart while playing a song, Don’t Stop the Party! The app will not let it stop and continue even throughout restart duration.

cydia download for iOS-11


Noctis can dark some of your interfaces such as Application dock/folders, Control panel and so on decreasing the brightness.

Eclipse 4

Those who desire dark theme on all over the system can simply request it through Eclipse 4.

Springtomize 4

Those who truly love to have modifications on Notification panel, Dock, Home, Lock screen and so on can have Springtomize 4 as a beloved tool throughout jailbreak app store.


AppCon is handy for those who want to change the appearance of some of the app icons on their Home screen.

Release date of Cydia download for iOS 11

cydia download for iOS-11

Since there are plenty of demanding tweaks, stay there for further pieces. The release date of a firmware or else a breakout means the most prevailing question of our fans. At the moment, there is not that much consideration regarding the particular jailbreak except few surroundings behind KeenLab. Do not get too much excited for any unconfirmed detail of release date. At least it has to stay till the mid of this September for the major announcement of the eleventh structure. Therefore, just carry on your jailbroken experience few more months for someone who will responsible for releasing the session for all fellows.