iOS 13.2 Jailbreak revealed by Qwertyoruiopz

Checkra1n jailbreak is the latest project goes trending in the jailbreak community these days which is based to bootrom exploit checkm8. And as with the recent updates, Qwertyoruiopz on Twitter has revealed iOS 13.2 jailbreak with the impact of powerful checkm8 exploit. So what will be the updates to jailbreak Apple’s latest iOS 13.2? Let us look into all the updates.

iOS 13.2 jailbreak

Checkm8 exploit and iOS 13.2 Jailbreak

With the arrival of Axi0mX’s Bootrom exploit checkm8, a lot of updates on the jailbreak community have changed. In fact, Checkm8 is unpatchable hardware bug which Apple could not cover in its usual way by bringing a software update. So there isn’t anything Apple could do to cover up the bug. So with that, Apple devices from A5 to A12 are now jailbreakable bringing a golden era in jailbreaking iOS. And above all, the scope is now turned to iOS 13.2 jailbreak with support to all the latest handset models in the Apple line up.

What will be the future of jailbreak iOS 13?

Checkm8 is big hot news for those who love jailbreaking the device and get Cydia Download privileges. But for Apple, it is a piece of sad news as it is a bootrom exploit which works even before iOS is loading. So here, Apple could not do anything for the bug that brings iOS jailbreak chances.

The recent tweet by Qwertyoruiopz shows a photo of an iPod that runs iOS 13.2 has been jailbroken. This is more interesting as all these are shown on Apple’s latest iOS 13.2 installed Apple iPod. As you might have already aware, iOS 13.2 comes with all the essential updates in the security concerns. But thanks to the checkm8 exploit, Apple could not handle anything here about jailbreak in progress.

Final words

Seeing no public jailbreak tool updates, we could not say anything about the release of a new tool ahead. But it is a must to say we are now arriving at a golden era of jailbreak thanks to the checkm8 exploit developer @Axi0mX brought in the community. So looking at all the updates around, we are closer to something really exciting. And if the next work will be iOS 13.2 jailbreak, things will be more exciting than ever wish for. So stay tuned with all the iOS, jailbreak and Cydia news here to get all the news in hand.