Is iOS 13.2 jailbreak in hears?

Apple’s latest iteration of the mobile operating system is now getting ready for its second major system update packing a number of exciting updates. So at a time, Apple follows a speedy upgrading cycle, how could we miss taking up with iOS 13.2 Jailbreak updates? It is time to look for all the updates around iOS 13.2 to hands-on.

iOS 13.2 jailbreak

Download iOS 13.2 latest update

iOS 13.2 beta 1 is recently released to the testing together with iPadOS 13.2. Proving that Apple never gets to an end in updating, we could find a lot of amazing features and changes here with iOS 13.2.

Brand new “Deep Fusion” feature in the camera

Transfer to HomePod support

New noise-canceling AirPods leak

iPadOS getting new united Home Screen and Dock settings panel

iPadOS with Close multitasking app windows with an easy swipe

Automatically AirPlay support to TVs

Haptic Touch shortcut in TV app as a new feature

Siri with a message announcing

A new feature in AirPlay and Handoff Settings

HomeKit support to multiple sensors in separate tiles

New Privacy panel “Research” and more

As of the time being, you can Download iOS 13.2 in its very first beta. So be signed to Apple beta testing official program to receive more beta updates.

What is it about iOS 13.2 jailbreak?

The jailbreak community is busy these days by receiving updates from time to time. Even though it said iOS 13 jailbreak will be something really hard to reach with its security updates, we found a number of powerful updates challenging Apple’s all logic. The most recent update is checkm8 exploit which has revealed by the developer @Axi0mX. This was winning so much attention being the first Bootrom exploit after 2010. And as it shows compatible through a wide device range from iPhone 4 to iPhone X, we could get it as a strong update to jailbreak. As to Axi0mX’s latest twitter update, the iPhone X jailbreak is shown successfully that running iOS 13.1.1.

Will iOS 13.2 jailbreak be updated?

Checkm8 exploit is a hardware bug that cannot be patched by another software upgrade. So this will remain unpatched if Apple does not do any particular patching. And if it goes through further experimenting, there would be a new jailbreak tool release targeting the latest firmware versions. We could hopefully look forward to CoolStar as he has already told his interest in checkm8 exploit. So let us wait and see how things going to change in the coming days.