How to jailbreak Google Chromecast- The Complete Guide

If you get into Jailbreak Google Chromecast supporting Google TV OS, you would feel so great. Chromecast usually takes some cost to useful platform run. In fact, it appears in plug and plays option with the slot into the HDMI port on your HDTV device making the whole need of streaming to the best. And with Wi-Fi built-in, things are quite easier to reach here.  For some, both Google Chromecast and Apple TV share some features and functions. But it is true that Google Chromecast is low-cost and Apple TV is richer in concerned features. So there, we write you on how to Jailbreak Google Chromecast making you the best offer with price and features. So enjoy!

how to jailbreak google chromecast

How to get ready?

Chromecast jailbreak is not the usual jailbreak iOS you have heard of. So it needs the right set of arrangements to run jailbreak Google Chromecast. First, go through the arrangement and follow up the steps.

Get a Google Chromecast device

Be ready with the USB Flash drive with 128 MB or more

Get the USB image ready

Arrange Micro USB OTG cable for the connections

How to jailbreak Google Chromecast?

Step 1: Arrange the USB flash drive

Step 2: Download zip file that is compatible

Step 3: Now it is the time to extract the file gtyhacker-chromecast.bin

Step 4: It is time to install the USB image you downloaded on flash drive (make sure you use this exact syntax – dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/devsdX bs=1024)

Step 5: To the female port of the OTG cable, plug the flash drive

Step 6: Now connect Chrome cast

Step 7: Make sure plug the power cable at the same time pressing the button on the Chrome cast to continue with the process

Step 8: Watch the screen progress and notice flashing light. It will appear Chromecast boot up and then the kernel unsigned

Step 9: The system now replaces with jailbroken version and it removes data from the device. You will find the Chrome cast reboot in the usual order after this. Notice the screen progress which would take some minutes. Make sure you do not disconnect or interrupt in any way

Step 10: With the things go and show completed, the box starts up with a screen showing instructing the set up

Finally, follow the instructions and finish jailbreaking Google Chromecast.

This is all you need doing, so enjoy the changes and get its full potential!