Download iOS 11 – Tips to follow

Since it is been a couple of days from the major iPhone operating system launch, you better start to function its brave and amazing features in the immediate future. Once you setup download iOS 11 on your beloved iPhone or iPad, there are tons of brand-new features that you will be able to capture. Therefore, in this guide, we are going to offer you a couple of tips how to function a couple of useful offers that come through.

download ios 11

Features tips to follow of download iOS 11

Control Center customization

You can now wipe out four toggles at the end of the Control center and replace a dozen or else a couple of additional options. Screen recording, Magnifier, ATV remote and son are applicable simply.

Open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. So you are able to check out what is obtainable and add them right away. All you have to click the key tagged as Plus.

download ios 11

Screen recording without Mac

It is simply for you can navigate to the Customize Controls panel and then activate Screen recording from there without any complicated. A three-second countdown will swiftly state on your Control Center. Just tap on it to open. It has specifically created to record your microphone too.

Once the status bar will turn into red, it is time to start the recording. This is the hottest official features that you can use without additional coverage. You can stop the recording by tapping on the status bar > Stop from the pop-up message. Photos app will start saving the recording.

Text to Siri

And finally, Siri can also support your texts. This would be great for you can use Siri even when you are in a public place simply with a text. Just switch to the text-only mode of Siri and start working.

To enable the feature, navigate to General > Accessibility and then Siri. You will see the option there. Just turn on it and turn off when you need to connect with your voice.

download ios 11

Automatically offload apps

For the 11th OS known to be an intelligent supporter, this is one of the pieces of evidence that it automatically support you. The iPhone/iPad Storage option which state in Settings > General and allow the function. For this will automatically start work, it will identify when your storage run down to recover it instantly.

QR code scanning

Apple has been specifically created the Camera app to scan QR codes. But it will not open a particular UI. It will read a list of codes and support you to open web pages, HomeKit, contacts and so on.

download ios 11

Documents scanning

The all-new automated scanning feature of the recent OS will let you go through several documents just using the certain feature in Notes. Launch a new note > Plus > Scan Documents.

Live photo editing

Now you can edit a Live photo by trimming its video part. Edit key which will appear on your screen once start a Live photo will do it simply. Skip between snapshots using the preview bar.

download ios 11

Maps app with One-handed zooming

You can now zoom the Maps app just with a finger. Just click twice and swipe down or up on the area you want to zoom.

Single-handed keyboard

You might already know the feature for this has been talking since long. In this feature, you just have to click on the Globe button on the keyboard. And then, on the keyboards which are available to get three icons there. You can click on the right/left to move on the keyboard.

download ios 11

Should you download iOS 11?

The answer is completely depending on you. If there is no any serious issue that you will have to handle once you set up the new firmware, you can go after OTA upgrade or else iTunes. But it is important for those who are waiting for jailbreak iOS 11 not to become a user of any non-jailbreak session until it confirms to be breakable in future. As they have to continually resolve each version in the array, the 11th breakout will not be there that soon. It is for hackers have to pass 10.2.1 and all those ignored ones before this huge deal. Therefore, if you have any doubt, the best thing would ignore the firmware and check when will it solve to enhance your operating system. Besides, users with 32bit have to get to know that their applications will no longer applicable for the 11th OS has removed them completely.