Best tweaks – Cydia download for iOS 11

Can you jailbreak 10.3.2? It is been long since the day Luca Todesco said goodbye to the community with his final bring down yalu102. Apart from Extra_recipe for iPhone 7, nothing noteworthy could get hands on so far. However, Apple in recent times boastfully twitch the 17K OS nonfiction and move toward third developer seed which also drops to the audience as the second public beta. Experts welcome all to build in the update on respective devices if not you are interested in Cydia download for iOS 11. Those individuals who are passionate for jailbreaking have some more to be patient since it appears it will take long for several certain and uncertain drives.

cydia download for iOS-11

Anyhow, it does not matter how extended it takes as far as you exist treasurable jailbroken status. In this guide, we are going to open you a list of excellent tweaks that you might already hold or else will love to setup. Do not leave over your time waiting for such a breakout at least which has no any certain clue. You may wonder then what’s with KeenLab demonstration? Just keep in your mind it is not a confident tip-off of an upcoming utility. So just be calmly for its true reliable proclamation in future.

Best tweaks while waiting for Cydia download for iOS 11


Is it making you bother seeing lots of notifications on your Lock Screen in every morning? So Unify will arrange everything in order to certain apps.

cydia download for iOS-11

App Center

Simply take your app control to the Control Center using App Center tweak. Arrange them on windows to just do whatever with simple swipes.


With a LastTimeUnlocked app, you can check the last time that you used to unlock your iDevice. It will let you know whether anyone else used the device once you were not there.


MessageFilter is another useful one and that can arrange you two separate contacts lists to let you know whether you are sending messages to the right contact. It will automatically identify specific words to carry the task.

cydia download for iOS-11


Unquestionably, many of you might already know this as one of amazing Cydia tweaks. It will open you a couple of pages of Control Center changing the odd type of a single side.


HideMeX will be handy for those who are interesting for SpringBoard customizations.


This is another Control panel connected utility which supports with a toggle aimed at cellular data adjustments.

Don’t Stop the Party!

Even your iPhone will restart while playing a song, Don’t Stop the Party! The app will not let it stop and continue even throughout restart duration.

cydia download for iOS-11


Noctis can dark some of your interfaces such as Application dock/folders, Control panel and so on decreasing the brightness.

Eclipse 4

Those who desire dark theme on all over the system can simply request it through Eclipse 4.

Springtomize 4

Those who truly love to have modifications on Notification panel, Dock, Home, Lock screen and so on can have Springtomize 4 as a beloved tool throughout jailbreak app store.


AppCon is handy for those who want to change the appearance of some of the app icons on their Home screen.

Release date of Cydia download for iOS 11

cydia download for iOS-11

Since there are plenty of demanding tweaks, stay there for further pieces. The release date of a firmware or else a breakout means the most prevailing question of our fans. At the moment, there is not that much consideration regarding the particular jailbreak except few surroundings behind KeenLab. Do not get too much excited for any unconfirmed detail of release date. At least it has to stay till the mid of this September for the major announcement of the eleventh structure. Therefore, just carry on your jailbroken experience few more months for someone who will responsible for releasing the session for all fellows.