What’s new with Cydia for iOS 13?

This is about the 13th iPhone OS that Apple going to let us enjoy in the nearly future. But this is not about the official frame. It is everything about the topic that we have to chase as Cydia for iOS 13 when we are jailbreakers. Here is everything true. Do not miss any single for it may be the point that let you collect jailbreak features right away.

cydia for ios 13

Cydia for iOS 13 with Chimera and Unc0ver

Since these are the two highlighted topics in recent reports, most fellows doubt if they capable to go through one of them to archive Cydia on 13. The truth is we cannot for Apple already patched 12.4 as well. Therefore, we cannot expect versions that we currently pass for such level at the moment. But we do not know will CoolStar and Pwn20wnd will be able to stand behind the 13th OS as well.

Apart from the report of Luca Todesco about tfp0 exploit, we are unable to let you know anything certain at this instant. But for sure there should be some more useful exploits though they are yet to unveil. Thus, we hope the final major release of the current beta series too will contain useful security holes and hackers will arrange keen tricks as well.

Cydia for iOS 13 for free

If you need to collect Cydia for free on your iPhone or iPad, you must become jailbroken first. But there are some alternatives that non-jailbreak users too capable to apply. We simply call them third-party app stores. But it does not mean you could completely capture features that a device gets when jailbreaking it. So there is a gap. However, you can collect Cydia for iOS 13 in the future, or else you can decide if it is good to have a third-party app.

cydia for ios 13

Final words

At the end we want you to know what are the certain jailbreakable versions and the ones that yet to break. If you are doubt about the 13th, keep in mind that hackers usually ignore beta sessions and remain for the main release of such major roles of the operating system. But you can play with Chimera and Unc0ver latest versions if you are with iOS 12 to 12.3. But still, we have 12.4 to complete the 12th OS. As it appears, we might have to ignore 12.4 and navigate to iOS 13. However, without certain directions, it is not easy to confirm how and when things will happen.