How can I download Cydia for iOS 13?

It seems Apple getting ready to end the long 12th iPhone operating system. So they recently released the public version of 12.4 for users to upgrade their devices if they were searching for a new release. But there is a considerable thing for jailbreakers as it said to be a non-jailbreak version at the moment. If we turn the story to Cydia for iOS 13, it too has a tale behind that not everyone knows. Of course, you too might miss essential directions to be prepared to welcome. So here are a few things that you all should collect. Here we go. There we have Cydia Guru for more reliable details. You can visit it for further.

cydia for ios 13

Unc0ver and Chimera for Cydia for iOS 13

Since these are the two latest jailbreak releases, it seems users are excited to know if we will be able to grab Cydia for the 13th using one of them. It is good to know the certain session that each tool brought their compatibility. While Chimera can support 12.3 betas, it is 12.2 as the highest that Unc0ver can reach. Therefore, all the other versions such as recent 12.4 as well cannot jailbreak at the moment. But do not fall apart as it does not mean that it will never.

Cydia for iOS 13 rumors and predictions

Unfortunately, there is no prediction or a rumor about jailbreak possibilities of 13th iPhone OS. Although Luca Todesco brought a detail about tfp0 exploit, it is not a complete direction to be prepared or search more. For the most part, the exploit will no longer remain the same as developers will patch it right away. Thus, it is better not to hurry to make any decision until a reliable direction will uncover.

cydia ios 13

Final words

By the way, it is time to turn a new page of the story. But we remind you that you cannot encounter the major deal of iOS 13 for Apple did not release it. And even it will turn into a public seed, it does not mean that users capable to download the version just when it will become a public version. You should confirm if hackers have been prepared to release a utility. If not, it means you are in difficulty. Though Chimera and Unc0ver updated their compatibilities, users with 12.3 beta and 12.2 are the ones that recommended to go through.